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Community Resources

Bixby Outreach Center

Bixby Outreach Center helps local families by providing food for those in need. They have several programs available for those who need assistance. 


Phone: 918-366-9226

77 E Breckenridge Ave, Bixby

Restore Hope

"Restore families in financial crisis to economic and spiritual vitality.

The three principle ways in which we live out this mission are: hunger reduction, homeless prevention, and emotional and spiritual nurture. Programs are designed to achieve our dual purpose of equipping families to help themselves restore their economic and spiritual vitality and to mobilize congregations to serve families in economic crisis."


If you are experiencing a financial crisis and need rent assistance, food, school supplies, or utility bill assistance, please use the Restore Hope website to apply. 

Office: 918.582.5766

Memory Care’s mission is to support older adults living with memory impairment and their families by using the latest, data-driven research and collaborating with memory care experts to provide resources that are accessible to all who are in need. Whether you are in the early stages of memory or cognitive impairment or care for a loved one in the later stages, has tools that can help.

Crisis Lines

Youth Services Tulsa


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