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Thanks for joining us for our Live Nativity!

We hope you had a great time at the Live Nativity! Here are some discussion questions for you and your family to talk about- some are more basic, and some are more in depth. We hope these will help you and your family have meaningful conversations about Christmas 

Live Nativity Story
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Story Questions: 

Who were the first visitors to see Jesus?
A: Shepherds

What is the name of the angel who told Mary she was going to have God's son? 
A: Gabriel

Why was there no room for Mary and Joseph in the inn? A: Because of the census, many had traveled to Bethlehem. 

Discussion Questions:

What do you like most about the Christmas story?

How do you think Mary and Joseph felt about Mary's pregnancy?

How do you think Mary and Joseph felt about traveling during her pregnancy?

How would you feel about walking 70 miles? 

Do you think someone might have made room for Mary and Joseph if they had known more about the child Mary was carrying? 

What does Christ's birth mean for us?

In the story of Christ's birth, there was no room in the inn. In what ways do you make room for Jesus in your life? Have there been times in your life that you have failed to make room for Jesus?

What do you love most about Christmas? 


Stay tuned for pictures of this years Live Nativity!

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